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  • Our Exceptional Services Include



  • Knowledge

    We have over 35 years of experience in antiques and collectibles.  While no one can know everything about everything, we have access to several databases and a network of specialists to ensure your items are properly identified and priced accordingly.

  • Integrity and Professionalism

    2nd Generation Estate Sales is a tax paying registered Michigan business, a DBA of Fresh Start Ventures LLC.  

    Upon hiring, we will present a contract tailored to your needs. Each sale is unique and all details will be mutually agreed upon and included in the sale agreement.  

    Your belongings are in good hands with the 2nd Generation team.  We strive to make a worry free and pleasant experience for you from beginning to end.  You will receive payment and a detailed accounting for the proceeds of your sale within 7 days after the end of sale.  

  • Experience

    In addition to years of experience with antiques & collectibles, our business background includes sales, multi-store management, merchandising and marketing in both retail and wholesale distribution.    What better experience to combine with household sales to ensure you are making the right choice?

  • Technology

    Its hard to believe, but shoplifting and tag switching are common at estate sales.  We use tamper evident tags to discourage switching or removal.  When possible we offer video monitoring during the sale to further discourage tampering and theft.  This does not replace the need for friendly and helpful sales staff, but it does offer additional visibility and acts as a deterrent to those with dishonorable motives.


  • Eco Responsiblilty

    We care about the environment and do everything to reduce each households impact on the environment and our landfills. Non-saleable items are properly recycled, whether it be paper, plastic, glass or foam.  

    We are one of the only companies that offers household hazmat liquids recycling.  Paints, chemicals, prescription drugs and cleaning fluids are taken to the proper recycle facilities and not left behind or discarded into trash or drains to re-enter or contaminate our precious water supply.  In most cases, this service is included at no extra charge except in extreme situations.